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Real Reviews from Real Residents

"MyButler Concierge Service is amazing! We have been doing home renovations and our laundry has been out of service for about two weeks. MyButler comes by every morning and grabs our dirty laundry and has it back to us, laundered and folded, by end of day! Amazing! We even gave them our grocery list so now when they deliver our clean laundry, they also deliver our groceries! This service is so convenient that even though our washer and dryer is back in business, we still send our items out to MyButler for laundering! Thank you, MyButler!!"

— MyButler User


"I am extremely impressed by the very swift turn around in communication and even more impressed with the responsiveness in providing the service with last minute request from me (Sorry about that – life happens!).

MyButler is a “lifesaver” for me today! Thanks so much."






"It is my pleasure to let you know how very impressed we are with the My Butler service. You never stop to amaze us with your services from bringing flowers, candy, and wine to me after my surgery to scraping of car windows so my husband can get to work, As well as all the other services in between.


Always smiling, always pleasant, we have never felt so pampered. We could not be happier with our new home and have often wondered how we lived without it for so many years."






"Finally what I've always needed – a personal assistant! MyButler has been a tremendous time and stress-saver since coming across it (in December of 2017). I first "chimed" for MyButler to help me with my Christmas shopping — I can't believe how amazing MyButler was! She had to search the for the correct sizes and went the extra mile to find what was on my list, and checked in with me along the way by sending pics of items so I could give a quick "yes" or "no" on the purchases. MyButler tracked and presented my receipts, made my payment SUPER easy, and ALSO handled the returns/exchanges after Christmas! I was so pleased that when my 3 year old grandson later wore his Christmas gifts (tiny Carhart jacket and boots) I sent a pic to MyButler!


As a busy executive, MyButler has been invaluable to my husband and my busy life!"





"I didn't realize the service came with my apartment when I signed my lease, but it was a great surprise. Especially considering I moved to the quad cities by myself for work, you guys have been a huge help with the whole process. I feel like you guys go above and beyond, like cleaning the snow off my car when I'm in Boston, fighting with the cable company about the bills I was getting, or getting any small issues fixed. There's many examples of great service and nothing negative."




"Just want to thank you. Had a very good experience at 5&15 and MyButler. Thanks again for everything and be sure to tell all the Butlers I said bye. Thanks!"

— RF

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